Sugar & alternatives

We deliver sugar mostly to bakeries, producers of confectionary, ice cream producers, beverage producers and many other regional food factories and re-packers. Ingredex mostly delivers in industrial packaging: 25kg and 50kg paper bags as well as 1000kg big bags. Apart from crystal, caster and powdered sugar, we are able to supply alternatives such as dextrose, glucose and other.

Dairy commodities

We supply the highest quality dairy ingredients and commodities for a wide range of uses across different types of industries. We can offer a wide portfolio of products, from the most common raw materials to "specialties", so that we can satisfy even the most demanding clients. The goods supplied by us include, in particular:

> skimmed milk powder                > full cream milk powder 

> roller dried milk powder             > fat filled milk powder

> instant milk powder                    > sweet whey powder

> butter                                           > mozzarella

> edam & gouda                            > WPC80

Malt & hops 

Ingredex offers the highest quality commodities and ingredients for the brewing industry - hops of Czech origin, malts of various kinds and yeast. We deliver those commodities to multinational, as well as independent breweries in EU, Asia and in the Middle East.

Other ingredients

Ingredex always does its best to fulfill the demand of its clients and therefore covers wide spectrum of ingredients which are essential for many food productions - potato and corn starches, edible oils, flours (wheat, rye, rice, spelt, buckwheat), cocoa and many others.